Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Welcome to the Villa Scrapbook Studio

My name is Janis and I love to create scrapbooks. For years, people have suggested that I sell my scrapbook / photography services, but I've always enjoyed just giving scrapbooks. But after recent economic changes, maybe the time has come that I should listen to this suggestion. I'm not out to become rich, I just want to cover the cost of materials and be paid a small fee for my time and talent.

I've made a lot of Windsurfing Scrapbooks for my husband George. Click this LINK to check them out.

We thought the 2009 WaveJam would be a great idea for gift scrapbooks for the contestants. Click HERE to see a slide show of a sample WaveJam Album. This slide show has cool wave music. A scrapbook like this sells for 150. A larger version which can hold twice as many photos is 300.

This is how it works. You select (and optionally label) 50 photos for an 8x8 album or 100 photos for a 12x12 album and either send me printed photos or email the pictures to me for printing. I will crop and mat the photos using photo safe products and layout pages. Journaling spaces will be left for you to journal in your own handwriting. I will then return the completed album to you either in person or by shipping it back to you.

If I have made a scrapbook for you, your family member or your organization in the past, please leave a comment below to let others know about my scrapbooks and how your scrapbook has been cherished by you, your family and your friends. The intent is to create something that will be a family heirloom that gets passed down from generation to generation.

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